Test Set

The provided test set includes 441 ROIs saved in the .png files.  
Test data can be downloaded from the  Zenodo platform.

Test Set  Description

The test set contains Region of Interests (ROIs) selected from whole-slide images (WSI) of immunohistochemistry (IHC) stained specimens of breast, colon and prostate. Data came from eight different medical centers in the Netherlands. All slides were stained with an antibody against CD3 or CD8. Slides were subsequently digitized with a Pannoramic 250Flash II scanner (3DHistech, Hungary), resulting in WSIs with a spatial resolution of 0.24μm/px. Selected ROIs were saved with full resolution in the .png files.  

Selected ROIs were representative for most different types of lymphocyte distributions that occur in slides, namely (1) areas with regular lymphocyte distribution, (2) clustered cells, and (3) staining or tissue artifacts.